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Strauch Green & Mistretta, PC (SGM) offers both residential and commercial real estate services in Raleigh and Winston-Salem, and throughout North Carolina.  From the contract to the closing table, the attorneys at SGM will provide you with excellent service to make sure your sale, purchase, or refinance goes smoothly.  SGM can handle everything from getting your house under contract, clearing up any title issues, to distributing your funds as well as getting your loan documents finalized and recording the deed to your new home.  In addition to buying and selling a house, SGM can also represent you in a commercial transaction if you are looking to buy or sell office space, apartment buildings, or even a strip mall. 

We represent clients in every step of the real estate transaction:

  • Offer to Purchase and Contract.  This is the first step, getting your real estate under contract.  SGM can prepare your contract so you can start the process of selling or buying real estate. 
  • Title Search and Title Insurance.  The experienced attorneys at SGM will complete the title examination, make sure you have clear title, and get your title insurance policy in place.
  • Loan Documents.  If you are financing your purchase, SGM will work with your lender to prepare the proper loan documentation and have it ready for you at the closing table.
  • Document Preparation and Recording.  Your deeds, powers of attorney, or co-ownership agreements will also be prepared as part of your closing experience.  SGM also provides document preparation if you just need a limited power of attorney, free trader agreement, or simple quitclaim deed.  SGM will also file your documents at the register of deeds for you. 
  • Settlement.  A qualified attorney will handle your closing and guide you through the process to make sure you are comfortable and understand the process from start to finish.  SGM offers remote closing services for those times when you are not available to attend in person. 

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We are a team of professional and punctual attorneys who make sure our client’s needs and concerns come first.  Strauch, Green, & Mistretta is proud to provide premier legal services and excellent counsel regarding real estate closings in Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and throughout North Carolina.  Contact us today by calling 919 278 7453 or completing our short form below.