• 13May
    How COVID-19 Can Affect Your Business Contracts

    The unprecedented fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has left many business owners concerned about the status of their service contracts. In many cases, the pandemic has made it difficult or even impossible for parties to fulfill ...

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  • 5May
    What to Expect When Selling Your Home: An Overview of the Closing Process for N.C. Sellers

    Once you receive an offer on your home, you’re in the homestretch: it’s time to start the closing process. The closing phase of residential property sales includes several steps that usually take between thirty and sixty days ...

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  • 5Apr
    Mediation and Arbitration: What Are the Differences? 

    There are two common ways to settle a dispute in North Carolina without ever filing a lawsuit. Mediation and arbitration are both forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) available to parties in North Carolina who seek an alt...

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  • 20Mar
    Common Mediation Myths Debunked

    Mediation is generally a short-term process that, ideally, delivers a prompt resolution. Once parties decide to mediate, the process can accelerate quickly. Though mediators may charge as much – if not more – per hour than att...

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  • 5Mar
    The Benefits of Early Mediation

    For cases on a litigation track, the road to resolution is far from straightforward. Cases may take up to two years or even more to get to trial. In order to avoid the expense of trials, late-stage mediation was developed decades ...

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  • 20Feb
    How Does Mediation Work? What To Expect

    When clients consider the role of an attorney, they often envision legendary trial lawyers – both real and fictitious (think Gerry Spence, Perry Mason, or the beloved Atticus Finch) – whose eloquent arguments captivate jurors ...

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  • 5Feb
    Pre-Litigation Mediation: Benefits, Caveats, and How To Prepare

    For parties engaged in a legal dispute, the prospect of resolving a dispute outside of the traditional legal process may sound foreign. Nonetheless, an increasingly small percentage of civil cases proceed to trial, the vast majori...

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  • 26Aug
    Can I Claim Workers Compensation?  A Status Report.

    Our attorneys commonly get asked questions regarding workers’ compensation, particularly in regards as to whether they are able to claim worker’s compensation.  Here at Strauch Green & Mistretta, P.C., we decided ...

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  • 19Aug
    What is New in Labor and Employment?

    Recent Exemption in Non-Compete Agreements in North Carolina Be on the look out for this exemption for non-compete agreements.  If you are in a very specialized area of practice, the typical rules may not apply.  For instance, i...

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  • 12Aug
    What Are the Latest Developments in Attorney-Client Privilege Law?

    Our attorneys are commonly asked about recent developments in attorney-client privilege law, and how these changes may impact them in their court cases.  In order to provide our clients with the answers they need, we have created...

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